Women need to start washing their hair again

OK ladies, now let’s get in the shower.

Yes, there’s nothing sadder than washing your hair after a fantastic blow out. But alas, it has to happen eventually.  And apparently, it’s not happening often enough.

“The truth is, some of my guy clients have been coming in and asking me to tell their girlfriends, wives, lovers to wash their hair,” one stylist told the Times. “It’s because they stink! You’d be shocked how many people will tell me, ‘Oh, 10 days ago I had a blowout and I did a killer SoulCycle session this morning and I haven’t washed my hair at all.’”

To be fair, the information out there about hair care is confusing. For a long time, beauty editors warned against the danger of over washing your hair, which they blamed for dry scalps and split ends. Women happily took the excuse not to wash their hair, and products like dry shampoos and conditioners made it even easier to do so.

Still not washing your hair is kind of … gross. The pores in your scalp can clog, allowing dead skin and dandruff to build up. Not to mention it smells and can look really greasy.

And even Oscar winners are guilty of it; Brie Larson posted a photo on Instagram yesterday with the caption “I smile because I haven’t washed my hair since the @goldenglobes and I’m feeling pretty confident I can stretch this look a few more days. Thank you @mararoszak 💞 #dirtyhairdontcare.” Maybe, Brie, you should care a little more.