Introducing the world’s most beautiful (and expensive) coffeemaker

Many of us like our coffee injection fast and early. But then, some of us prefer our coffee prepared slowly, precisely and then served by someone dressed like one of Louis XIV’s courtiers. If you belong to group number two, than we have the coffee maker for you.

The new Royal Coffee Maker from Royal Paris is a work of scientific elegance created by French artist Jean-Luc Rieutort. It also retails for between £9,000-£15,000 (roughly $10,900-$18,320). That’s like paying $30 a cup everyday for a year.

So why the extravagant cost? Well, it’s handcrafted in 24-karat gold (or in silver), using crystal and semi-precious stone. Only about eight are made per month, after 50 hours of workmanship.


Really you need to see it in action to get the full effect. So hit play below.