Georgina Bloomberg’s love for animals is conflicting with her love for her hunter boyfriend

Happy Birthday to the best man Jasper and I have both ever known. 👶🏻💕🎈🎂@carruza

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Georgina Bloomberg’s love of animals has been well-documented. She’s a champion equestrian, has made frequent trips to Puerto Rico to save stray puppies and was even this year’s Humane Society’s recipient of the Compassion in Action Award for “her tireless work to protect all animals.” And so it’s a bit surprising that her new lover is none other than Carlos Arruza Jr, a trophy-game hunter and oil company executive.

Bloomberg revealed her love to the world yesterday in an Instagram photo she posted featuring pictures of her with Arruza and the caption “Happy Birthday to the best man Jasper and I have both ever known. 👶🏻💕🎈🎂@carruza” (Jasper is Bloomberg’s son from Ramiro Quintana). Arruza’s Instagram account appears to have gone private, but according to Page Six, he was known for posting images of himself smiling over corpses of dead animals he had killed.

Commenters on Bloomberg’s post seem to have noticed her lover’s hobby; people posted comments like “I ♥ shooting animals too!” and “Georgina I can believe you are are dating a trophy hunter. This makes me SO SAD. 😩”

Somehow we think Bloomberg’s father — a known climate change and gun control advocate — would agree. [Page Six]