Airbnb guest pleads guilty to stealing designer goods from host

Better think twice before renting your unit out on Airbnb!

Victoria Doramus, who formerly worked at Rubenstein Public Relations, has pled guilty to stealing valuable items from her Airbnb host, art dealer Julie Maximova, and passing off bounced checks to pay her rent, according to the Daily News.

Among the items Doramus stole from Maximova are Cartier and Rolex watches, designer handbags, Louis Vuitton luggage and clothing. All of which raises the question, why were those items left in the apartment in the first place? As the judge in the case put it: “This is someone who operates an Airbnb and leaves her Rolex and Cartier watches, her diamond necklace and her Louis Vuitton luggage there?”

Doramus says she sold the watches, but kept the rest of the items in a storage unit in Soho. “I was going to give it back,” she said. “I will pay her for the rent and return her stuff.” All of the items have since been returned.

Doramus pled guilty to grand larceny in the third degree and was placed on probation and is required to attend a mental treatment program and pay a $2,400 fine. She has been held at Riker’s Island on $15,000 bail since her arrest in November.

While at Rubenstein, she was arrested for raking up $17,000 in unapproved charges on two corporate accounts. According to her lawyer, Doramus “has emotional problems and psychological problems,” which led to a drug problem. [DN]