“Trump Force One” is basically Mexican

Trump may build the wall, but he’ll never escape one jump slice of Mexico. “Trump Force One” his boldly branded private jet seems to have lived a previous life south of the border.


Much to the dismay of security officials, Trump has refused to fly on the presidential jet Air Force One, in favor of riding in his own aircraft. But it turns out that very jet — which was grounded by the FAA last year — was once operated by Mexican airline TAESA Lineas Aéreas, according to the Telagraph.

The discount Mexican carrier leased the plane from July 1994 until March 1995, and it was likely based in Mexico City, at the airline’s headquarters. However, it’s exact flight route from it’s previous life isn’t known.

Trump purchased the Boeing 757, registered N757AF, in 2011 from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

The jet was first leased in 1991 by Sterling Airways — a defunct low-cost carrier based in Copenhagen. It was then picked up by TAESA, before being grabbed by Vulcan Northwest Inc – which represents Allen.

After passing to Trump, it received the royal treatment, including gold-carat fixtures, an office, two bedrooms, 43 leather-covered seats, gold-plated safety belts, wood panelling and silk pillows embroidered with the Trump family crest.

The plane is now reported to be worth more than $100 million. [Telegraph]