Williamsburg hipster hotel will chauffeur you around town in an auto rickshaw

60 degrees in January calls for a Tuk-Tuk ride ☀️ give us a honk if you see us around the hood today #twhbk

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For any tourists who want a “Brooklyn experience,” the new Williamsburg Hotel in none-other than Williamsburg, Brooklyn is offering a full cultural immersion, complete with exclusive Apotheke toiletries, a water tower bar and — of course — an auto rickshaw.

Well technically, it’s not a rickshaw but a “tuk-tuk,” the Thai word for an automated rickshaw that people cram into to get around Bangkok. Of course, we don’t anticipate much cramming in this tuk-tuk, which is painted pink and white (the hotel’s colors) and looks like a sorority girl’s golf cart.

Only guests of the hotel can use the tuk-tuk, which we’re sure will be very disappointing to hipsters who want to look even more foolish in their jaunts around the neighborhood. But thankfully, the hotel does offer amenities that anyone can use (though of course not just anyone will), like the upcoming water tower bar, a bar in a water tower that will offer $20 boards of charcuterie, and the lobby bar, which has opened and features a rainbow art installation. Because of course it does. [Bedford + Bowery]