Ralph Lauren opens fashionable cafe in London

These days, you’re no longer restricted to just wearing Ralph Lauren on you’re London jaunts, because you imbibe it, too. That’s right, the new Polo Ralph Lauren European flagship, a new preppy-inspired cafe, has just opened in Mayfair at 173 Regent Street. Ralph’s Coffee & Bar has the same look at feel as the popular clothing brand. The dark-paneled eatery features an equestrian theme with saddle-leather banquettes and horse-centric artwork.

It was designed to be reminiscent of the Polo Bar in Manhattan, but will be much more intimate — with only seating for 24 at tables and 12 at the bar. It is the latest in Lauren’s growing portfolio of fashionable eateries including ones in Chicago, New York and Paris.

The menu features La Columbe custom blend coffee, classic cocktails and light bites such as fried olives and mixed nuts. There’s even a drink named for the designer’s Double RL Ranch in Ridway, Colorado, the “Ridgway Margarita.”

Lauren has been previously quoted as saying that “Ralph’s Coffee offers more than coffee, as it offers an experience that blends fashion and friends.”

For those not heading to London or New York City any time soon, one can purchase Ralph Lauren coffee and related items online.