Ivanka Trump is delaying the release of her masterpiece “Women Who Work”

Sorry, Ivanka fans, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer to read her gripping new masterpiece. The future First Daughter has pushed back the release date of her book, “Women who Work,” citing “momentous changes” in her life. The book will now publish in early May.

The publisher of the book, Portfolio, says the delay is intended to “accommodate these momentous changes in Ivanka’s life and give her time to settle her children into their new home, schools and city.” Also, perhaps, to rewrite some sections; most of the book was written before Trump’s election to the presidency.

The New Yorker, in their early review of the book (headlined: “Ivanka Trump’s Terrible Book Helps Explain the Trump-Family Ethos“), published some juicy excerpts about Ivanka and the stories she tells. Like the one time that she and her brothers forced her security guards and maids to buy lemonade from their lemonade stand because none of their neighbors were around. According to her, this is an example of how the kids ““made the best of a bad situation.” They also made fake Native American arrowheads and buried them in the woods, then dug them up while playing with their friends and made their friends buy them for $5 each. How inspirational.