This $250M mega-mansion is officially the most expensive house in America


A new spec house in LA was just listed for $250 million, making it the most expensive house for sale in the country.

According to CNBC and the LA Times, it took 250 workers to make the house, which has 38,000 square feet of interior space, 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, three kitchens, an 85-foot infinity pool with a swim-up bar and an 18-foot television set, a candy room (we have no idea what that is but we want one), a bowling alley with gold bowling pins, a $12,000 glass pool table, an entertainment room with a 30-foot television set, elevators lined in crocodile skin, a car collection worth $30 million, 130 art installations (including one of the Seven Dwarfs), a decommissioned helicopter on the roof, seven full-time staff members whose salaries for two years are included, city and ocean views, super high-tech video and audio systems, and a canal system.

It may seem a little excessive, but the developer, Bruce Makowsky, tells CNBC that it makes more sense to buy an expensive home than it does to buy an expensive yacht, “People spend two weeks a year on a yacht, but they live in a house. I wanted this to be the ultimate megayacht, but on land.” We suppose by rich people logic, that might make some sort of sense. [CNBC and LAT]