Lot of Alexander Hamilton letters hits the auction block today

If you’re not throwing away your shot — to bid on Alexander Hamilton’s letters — better check them out at Sotheby’s. The auction house has announced dozens of letters written by the famed politician and currently belonging to his descendants will hit the block this week on January 18, with an estimated value of $1.4 million to $2 million.

Hamilton’s “Pacificus” essays which discuss George Washington’s declaration of his nation’s neutrality in the conflict between France and Great Britain, are expected to garner the biggest amount, an estimate $300,000-$500,000 — just slightly more expensive than a current ticket to the Broadway play.

“This is a unique conjunction of historical material with the popular zeitgeist,” said Selby Kiffer, the auction house’s expert on books and manuscripts. “I have not experienced anything like this before.”

The show’s set designer, David Korins, has also created part of the Sotheby’s Americana exhibit space which includes period furniture and art from Hamilton’s day. In addition, with a nod to the American flag, he strung red, white and blue tension cords to lead visitors around. [News&Record]