The Carnegie Deli gave away their signed photos of celebrities

For those still mourning the loss of the beloved Carnegie Deli, there is still a chance to take a (little) piece of the place home with you.

The owner of the deli, Marian Harper, left many of the autographed photographs that used to line the walls of the restaurant in a plastic bin outside so that any passerby could come pick them up.

“To me anything from the Carnegie has value and meaning to people,” Harper told DNA Info, adding that she first got the idea to give them away when she saw photos that were addressed to her ex-husband. “It felt good. Otherwise I would have smashed them.”

Of course, not every picture got put in the box outside. Harper’s daughter says that one of the very special photographs the family kept was the one from Woody Allen, who stopped by the deli a few weeks before it closed. The deli is featured in his 1984 movie “Broadway Danny Rose.” [DNAInfo]