Minnie Driver: tear down this wall!

While the world waits in anticipation for news of one particular wall, another’s fate has just been decided.

A judge has sided with actress Minnie Driver’s demands that her neighbor Daniel Perelmutter, 75, knock down a wall on his property by April 12, or face five days of jail time.

The dispute began two years ago, reports the Daily Mail, when Perelmutter began building a new house on his Hollywood property. Perelmutter and Driver share a driveway, and the work reportedly reduced its width and restricted Driver’s access to her home.

Driver also accused Perelmutter, among many other things, of frightening her and her eight year-old son. He, in turn, claimed she screamed abuse at him and vandalized his house by throwing baby food jars filled with black paint at a wall.

Although the case of the wall is now closed, Perelmutter is reportedly counter suing Driver and several other neighbors, claiming they’ve been harassing him for years. [Daily Mail]