The owners of these historic homes are going to real estate hell

Hallelujah, sweet Jesus! We’ve seen the light. We’ve turned away from wickedness. We’ve shunned iniquity. We’ve fallen to our knees and begged the all-mighty to forgive us our transgressions. But still, there are sinners in our midst…and it’s Judgement Day!

The owner’s of these historic homes have used their vast resources to gut, strip and “modernize” interiors until there’s nothing left of their original God-given character. We’re talkin’ “custom staircases.” We’re talkin’ wanton use of marble. We’re talkin’ cars on the inside! It’s not natural, I tell ya!

Just have a look-see for yourself and pray. PRAY, that God will spare your immortal soul.


Built in more God-fearing times, this landmarked townhouse on Harrison Street in Tribeca may have a Christian facade, but inside it is a den of corruption.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the owner spent about $1 million to gut renovate the home.


We suspect that the demonic practice of “feng shui” is cursing this Upper East Side townhouse.

Looks like the perfect place to raise the Anti-Christ if you ask us!

For witchcraft?


Normally we like straight and narrow, but just look at this townhouse on West 75th Street, otherwise known as Sodom and Gomorrah!

“Originally built in 1910 and designed by architect George M. Walgrove, this classic turn of the century home, noteworthy for its distinctive rooftop turret, has been painstaking transformed through a years-long renovation into a mansion-scaled residence with elevator access to all seven floors, perfectly appointed for modern-day living, designed by noted architect Wayne Turett,” a Baal-worshiping salesperson wrote. From their own mouths!

High ceilings won’t get you to heaven.

Hear me, flock. Repent.! Repent and honor thy townhouse.