Park this 1978 El Camino with a trunk load of furniture in your living room

Trendy furniture store Blu Dot appears to have branched into automobile sales.

The retailer is offering, rather inexplicably, a 1978 El Camino. Priced at a little under $8,000, with a cute paint job, and 104,000 miles on the clock, our eyebrows are suitably raised.

The ride is described by Blu Dot as a, “Super-sweet custom hand-painted detailing by Ed’s Body Shop in Minnesota. Sports a mighty 5.0-liter four-barrel V8 engine. Automatic transmission. Only two previous owners. Runs great. Sounds good. Stored in winters. Plenty of tread left on the tires.”

We’re sold… we think.

But best of all, the price includes all the Blu Dot furniture you can fit in the back (although they do limit to 15 pieces, spoilsports).

Blue Dot seems to think we’d like to fill it with a $199 gilded turkey leg and a $329 coat rack. But we’re thinking more along the lines of the $799 bicycle and the $2,000 credenza.

We wonder if they’re sticklers about the furniture having to fit?