Ralph Lauren personally tries to unite the country by dressing Melania and Hillary

If there’s one man who can unite this oh-so-divided nation of ours, it may very well be Ralph Lauren. The fashion designer and major Hillary Clinton supporter has been announced as the designer behind both Melania Trump’s custom sky blue cashmere suit and Hillary Clinton’s suffragette white pantsuit. If that’s not unity, we don’t know what is.

Melania’s outfit, with its matching gloves and shoes, is already drawing comparisons to a suit Jackie Kennedy wore to JFK’s inauguration in 1961 (which was also sky blue). It is unclear whether Melania chose the suit herself or if the brand offered it to her. Rumors are that Karl Lagerfeld designed the gown she will wear to the Inaugural Balls tonight.

Hillary Clinton wore Ralph Lauren pantsuits throughout her campaign and for her concession speech, and today’s suit harkens back to the white suit she wore to give her speech at the Democratic National Convention and during the third debate.

This is not the first time Lauren welcomed a Republican into his midst; his son, David, is married to Lauren Bush (as in George W. Bush’s niece).