Whole Foods is keeping Williamsburg hipsters up at night

Williamsburg hipsters are having trouble sleeping — and it’s just not because they’re worrying about if their skinny jeans are too tight. It’s because the Whole Foods market on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg is way too loud. In other words, the great karmic circle of gentrification has been completed.

According to DNA Info, the store is emitting an endless racket of noise from forklifts and trash pickups. “Once you get woken up it’s the forklift beeping, the truest sense of torture. When I die, hell is just hearing forklifts beeping,” one concerned resident told DNA Info.

The solution of the angry residents? An angry Facebook page of course! Called “N 4th St Residents Committee,” the page provides helpful info about the risks associated with sleep deprivation and frustrated rants about how Whole Food HQ isn’t listening to them. “Still no response from Whole Foods – guess they’re enjoying a restful Festive season; while we hope Santa brings us an undisturbed night’s sleep,” reads a post from December 24th.

Tsk, tsk, hipsters, we’re disappointed in you! After all, isn’t it a lack-of-sleep a worthwhile price to pay for convenient access to ethically-sourced kombucha? [DNA Info]