Space-age pods are some of the hottest real estate in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s space capsule pods (credit:

A collection of 25-square-foot “space capsule pods” in Hong Kong are taking the tiny home trend to a whole new — and much smaller — level.

Back in November, landlord Sandy Wong began renting out around 50 pods spread across six apartments. Each futuristic pod contains a bed, electrical outlets, television, computer, fire extinguisher (which isn’t exactly comforting), and ventilation, Curbed reports. Perfect if you’re in the market for a space that’s really, really cozy.

10 units reportedly fit into a single 700-square-foot apartment, and the pods share a kitchen and a bathroom. The rent is HK$5,100 (roughly $650) a month, and units have been in such high demand, that Wong has plans to build 1,000 more.

The pods offer a stark contrast to the record-breaking $270 million a billionaire businessman paid for a 9,212-square-foot house in the notoriously jam-packed country last year. [Curbed]

  • ralphpetrillo

    Complete craziness.Next they will give people eye devices to wear that simulate larger living as they are placed inside coffins to sleep and live.