Buy a $14M getaway, get a set of $1M swizzle sticks thrown in

We’ve all read about the ever-increasing popularity of pricey drinks, and now there’s a next-level swizzle stick to take some lucky folks’ fancy drink game to a whole new level.

Russian-based World of Diamonds Group was commissioned to make 50 18-karat gold and diamond swizzle sticks by an experiential travel company, DreamMaker. They are part of a $14 million getaway package DreamMaker is offering to a lucky traveler. Along with flying to 20 countries in a custom-outfitted private jet over 20 days with up to 49 friends, whoever buys this exorbitantly priced voyage named “The Passport to 50,” will be presented with the lot of stirrers. The August 2017 trip will begin and end in Asia and features a $500,000 charity poker tournament with a top-ranked player as well as a fashion show. And we suspect it will include lots of boozy opportunities to try out those stirrers.

Each stirrer is set with 20 white diamonds along with one rare blue one and is worth $20,500, for a total of $1 million for the complete set. In addition, each features a spinning globe, made of both matte and polished gold. Every diamond symbolizes one of the cities the lucky globetrotter will visit, while the blue diamond represents the sky. And because a diamond stirrer is forever, each comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Additionally, the firm wants you to know all that luxury is going towards some good causes, such as, Starlight Children’s Foundation and Make-a-Wish Foundation. “Through this trip, we have a way to act as a conduit to positively impact children’s lives,” says Gregory Patrick, founder of DreamMaker. “It makes no sense to work so hard to please the most discerning of clientele without making the same effort to balance the decadence with an element of kindness that delivers higher levels of fulfillment.” [Forbes]