Spotted! Ivanka Trump’s brother-in-law creeping around the Women’s March

Though Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have presented a unified and unwavering commitment to Donald Trump’s agenda, it seems that not everyone in the family feels the same way.

Joshua Kushner, the younger (and dare we say, cuter) brother of Jared raised some eyebrows before the election when he hinted he was voting for Hillary Clinton over the Donald. His girlfriend, supermodel Karlie Kloss, is an out and proud Hillary supporter, and over the weekend, little Joshie even checked out what was going down at Saturday’s Women’s March.

Washingtonian editor Jessica Sidman snapped a photo of the young Kushner looking somewhat bemused as tons of ladies in pussy hats stared at him. He reportedly told other marchers that he was at the event “observing.” 

Of course, we wouldn’t go so far as to say Joshie is out-and-out rebelling against his family ties; he also shared a photo of himself yesterday posing with his brother in front of a portrait of JFK. So there’s that.