This map shows you where all the millionaires in the world live

Looking to snag yourself a millionaire? Or maybe you just want to live among them?

In either case this infographic, from Silverdoor, will serve you well. It displays which countries in the world have the most millionaires, even breaking it down by city. London, it seems, has the most with a whopping 370,000 millionaires, while New York follows soon after with 320,000. Switzerland has the highest percentage of millionaires, 10.8 percent of its adult population, while the United States has just 6.4 percent. The map certainly shows the gross inequality in the world; for instance, China has 1.3 million millionaires, but that still only makes up .1 percent of their population.

Millionaires, in this case, refers to anyone who has a net worth of $1 million or up, so the map also includes billionaires (and maybe, one day, trillionaires).

The Millionaire’s Map: Which Countries Boast The Most Millionaires? – An infographic by the team at