Chelsea gallery’s new exhibition is nothing but the smell of money

Ever wanted to be surrounded by money? Crisp green notes in piles all around you? Us too. But we’ve mostly accepted the closest we’re going to get is a stack of quarters on laundry day.

Mike Bouchet’s new exhibition at Marlborough Chelsea though, might be the next best thing.

“Tender,” is Bouchet’s second solo exhibition at the gallery, and he teamed up with senior perfumer Marc vom Ende of Symrise  — one of the world’s foremost fragrance and flavor companies — to fill the entire 45,000 cubic feet of gallery space with the synthesized fragrance of US Dollar bills.

“Bouchet engaged in a process of replication, which required over a year of scientific research and development. The resulting formula is a complex amalgam of over 100 elements,” explains a press release. Aromatic notes include multiple inks, leathers, and papers, along with traces of human odors and other matter that lend a “handled” characteristic to the scent.

The exhibition opened to the public on January 19, which as you’ll recall was inauguration day. Coincidence? We think not.