The Trumps are literally eating off of Reagan’s plates

Get ready, Washington, the 80’s are back! And we’re not just talking about our new president’s economic and social policies.

No, it seems the Trumps are literally eating off the plates that were commissioned by Ronald and Nancy Reagan in 1981 as their official Presidential China. As the Washington Post first spotted, Donald Trump Jr. posted a photo on Instagram of his son, Tristan, using a Reagan plate while eating in his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pajamas in the White House.

The china set was controversial when it was ordered, due to its high cost at a time when the government was experiencing budget cuts. But the Reagans purchased it through private donations and Ronald Reagan defended the pricy china saying it was diplomatically necessary: “The truth of the matter,” he stated, “is at a state dinner, we can’t set the tables with dishes that match.”

Given that very #richpersonproblem story, we aren’t at all surprised that the Trumps chose this particular set of china to use. [WP]