Jocelyn Wildenstein wants $13M for Trump World Tower pad

Jocelyn Wildenstein, the infamous socialite who earned the nicknamed “Catwoman” after spending millions of dollars on cosmetic surgery, is in the market for a new scratching post. She’s just relisted her 5,160-square-foot Trump World Tower condo for $12.9 million.

The eight-bedroom spread in Turtle Bay takes up almost the entire 51st floor of the building. Wildenstein reportedly snapped up two adjoining apartments in 2001 and city records show she bought a third in 2007 before combining them into one giant pad. She splashed out around $6.5 million in total. She’s being trying to part with the sizable spread on and off since 2015, when it was asking $17.5 million.

Alas there are no listing photos beyond the stellar views, and the current floor plan gives nothing away either. But our spidey-senses are telling us the place is probably quite something.

Wildenstein is a former member of the scandal-plagued Wildenstein family. She was married to the late Alec Wildenstein for 21 years, and their 1999 divorce is thought to be the largest settlement in divorce history; she was awarded $2.5 billion and an additional $100 million a year for 13 years.

In December she made headlines for turning her claws on her fashion-designer boyfriend Lloyd Klein. [Daily Mail]