The rich kids of Instagram are taking over the White House

Taking over the Instagram Oval Office #JustDrew4President

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As if they weren’t obnoxious enough.

Thanks to the election of President Trump, one particular friend group, whose members’ habit of showing off their lavish lifestyles on Instagram earned them the title “Snap Pack,” will now be geotagging themselves in a new, very enviable place: The White House.

Led by “fashion designer” Andrew Warren, the group consists of Tiffany Trump (hence, their access to the White House), Gaia Matisse (yes, that Matisse) and a Kennedy (though she was banned from social media after cyber-bulling a writer at the Cut).

In a new article in “Us Weekly” on “The First Family,” a friend of Tiffany’s says that Warren and his squad “is going to make the White House their new locale. They’re ready to up their Instagram game big time.”

Apparently, they’ve already started doing it. Though we haven’t seen any images geo-tagged to the White House yet from the group, Warren did post a weird image of himself sitting in a miniature Oval Office as well as a snap of himself with Tiffany at an Inaugural Ball.

At this rate, we won’t be surprised if Trump names Warren official White House photographer. [US Weekly]