Absolut Vodka looking to hire a “Billion Dollar Nose”

Move over tea and water sommeliers, there’s a new obscure beverage job in town. Absolut Vodka is in the market for a new “Billion Dollar Nose.”

Per Hermansson, the Swedish vodka brand’s current sensory expert is ready to hang up his shot glasses and retire, which means that a Vodka-loving, alcohol-sniffing replacement must be found.

According to the job description, the role, which is described officially as “Master Sensory Designer and Strategist with a billion dollar nose,” comes with responsibilities including understanding the aroma, taste and comprehension of texture in spirits. Any applicants must also be prepared to build their knowledge of sensory related topics regarding spirits and vodka.

Hermansson has been the company’s expert on mixology, taste and smells for the last 20 years, so any newcomer will have some big shoes — or should we say nostrils — to fill.