The CEO of Patron’s $45M Florida home has a bottle of tequila in every room

For anyone who’s ever come home from a long day at work and thought, ‘I need a drink,’ boy do we have the house for you.

Ed Brown, the CEO of Patron, has just been (officially) outed as the owner of a $45 million estate in Manalapan, Florida, and according to CNBC, the nearly 30,000-square-foot home has a bottle of Patron in almost every room (including in each of the 16 bathrooms).

“People ask me, ‘Do you still like to drink Patron?'” Brown told CNBC. “Of course I do! I love the product, and I love finding new ways to serve it.”

Tequila in the bathroom is certainly a new one.

His home, which he bought in December 2012 for $15.6 million, has nine bedrooms (plus a master suite with a 1,500-square-foot closet), an underground man cave with Ferraris and a $50,000 racing simulator, 315-feet of ocean property, and a $1 million waterfall.

The home was first listed in February 2015 for $37.5 million, but it was still under renovation and the price has risen as the home nears completion.