Ivanka Trump gets heat for posting shot of herself in a $5K silver gown

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Perhaps Ivanka shouldn’t have said yes to the dress. Specifically, a silver, metallic jacquard number designed by Caroline Herrera reported to be worth $5,000. As with most things in life, timing is everything. While the gown in and of itself is not particularly noteworthy — except for the fact that it wasn’t Trumpian gold — Ivanka couldn’t seem to #resist posting a shot of herself wearing it on Instagram. However, her decision to do so in the midst of this weekend’s immigration hubbub had the interwebs up in arms, with many calling her “tone deaf.”

While thousands were taking to the streets nationwide to protest her father’s executive order temporarily banning those from seven Muslim countries from entering the U.S., Ivanka and husband Jared, a White House advisor to the President, looked ready to head out for a night on the town in D.C. without a care in the world.

The gown, compared unfavorably to both tin foil or the thermal Mylar emergency blankets given to young Syrian refugees, sparked the hashtag #letthemeatcake, comparing Trump to Marie Antoinette. Others ripped that while her father was destroying the very fabric our country was created from, Ivanka was flaunting an exorbitantly priced dress.

Others noted Jared’s hand placement– on his wife’s backside — commenting that his father-in-law would suggest grabbing from the front instead.

No response from Team Trump, but perhaps First Lady Melania should double down on her anti-bullying team to tell the cyber haters to leave poor Ivanka alone?