Shoe-obsessed socialite fails to get $25M worth of art in divorce

Tracey Hejailan-Amon must be really wishing she kept better tabs on her soon-to-be-ex husband.

The socialite has just lost her case against her ex-husband, Maurice Alain Amon, in which she claimed he purposefully removed valuable works of art from their shared Manhattan apartment before he filed for divorce. Those works, which are estimated to be worth about $25 million, are now in a storage facility in Queens and include a Basquiat titled “Saxaphone” and a 1966 self-portrait by Andy Warhol.

Amon filed for divorce from Tracey in 2015 from Monaco while she was traveling and reportedly did not expect it at all. The laws in Monaco will be less favorable to her than they would be in New York, and might even require her to return the nearly $70 million worth of property she received from Maurice over the years.

Tracey tried to move the divorce proceedings to New York, but her bid was overturned when Maurice’s lawyers were able to prove she lived in Monaco as well, citing the over 80 pairs of shoes she kept in the couple’s apartment there.

The couple was married for eight years and had no pre-nup. [NYP]