This $10K bike inspired by Tesla will make you feel like Superman

Want to take your city biking to the next level? A new bike, dubbed the Stromer ST2 S e-bike, allows riders to feel like they are superheroes.

Inspired by Tesla, bicycle entrepreneur Thomas Binggeli founded Stromer in 2008 to address environmental concerns, traffic issues and keep riders fit. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the recent e-bike boom makes even more sense if you take into account these other benefits: e-bikes are relatively low cost to create — a basic model runs about $500 — and require no license to ride like a motorcycle or scooter.

What sets the Stromer apart from less luxe versions is that they use a high-capacity lithium-ion battery and digital interface much like a Tesla. BikeRadar magazine went so far as to call the Stromer ST2 S “the Tesla of e-bikes” and hyped that it “could actually replace a car.”

The pièce de résistance of the Stromer ST2S is its exclusive “Syno Drive” hub motor, allowing riders to go from 0-30 in about 5 seconds.

An intrepid Bloomberg writer recently took it for a test drive in Los Angeles. Zipping around much of the traffic-ridden town like a real boss, the reporter-turned-daredevil writes, “It’s hard not to be smug, cruising through gridlock at 30 mph. I start to imagine a city free from the shackles of cars, an empty 405 freeway, a smog-free utopia.”

Still, there were things to look out for — in a city with no official bike lanes, the rider found this high speed bike riding could get dangerous and warned against trying it a city like New York. He concludes it might be better geared towards tony riders in more bike-friendly locales.

But hey, even if you hit a pothole, on a Stromer ST2S you will look glam doing so.