Harrods to stock $60 iceberg water

Most famous for sinking the Titanic, icebergs might soon find a new reason for making headlines: they’re being turned into $60 bottles of water.

Luxury London retailer Harrods will start selling the “limited edition” Svalbarði brand bottles on February 15.

The thirst-quencher was conceived by Jamal Qureshi, a Wall Streeter who visited a remote Norwegian island in the Svalbard archipelago in 2013 and brought back the ultimate souvenir for his wife: melted iceberg water!

Now he harvests the icebergs in Kongsfjorden, which is 621 miles from the North Pole. Once 15 tons of ice is collected by the crew, it’s melted and bottled by hand, reports Forbes. There are only two expeditions per year, which produce 13,000 bottles each time.

According to Svalbarði’s website, the water is almost entirely mineral free “with the pH of fresh snow” and “an exceptionally light mouthfeel.”

We wonder what a water sommelier would think of it? [Forbes]