Who in the world is Trump’s new interior designer?

Tham Kannalikham and the White House (credit: Getty Images and AgnosticPreachersKid via Wikimedia)

From The Real Deal: So far, Trump’s name hasn’t been plastered to the White House roof. And so far, there seems to be minimal gold being splashed about. But that may soon change. Trump recently announced the name of his White House interior decorator, and it’s left interior design buffs baffled.

Tham Kannalikham will be Trump’s new decorator. But if you aren’t exactly sure who that is, you’ll be forgiven. Nobody else does, either — her website requires a password, her Instagram is private, and her Pinterest no longer exists.

“Everybody in the decorating world today is wondering: Who is Tham Kannalikham?” Architectural Digest wrote following the appointment. [more]

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