H&M made a ball gown out of recycled plastic bottles

If the terrifying news that a huge piece of the Antarctic ice shelf is about to break off is not enough to make you care about the environment, perhaps this will.

H&M has announced its latest Conscious Exclusive Collection, and this year, it features a very special fabric: Bionic Yarn. Made from recovered plastic bottles, bionic yarn is super soft and super adaptable (it can transform into anything from jeans or a sweater). H&M used it for the first time to make — what else? — a ball gown, in blush with ruffles and pleats. Even though it’s eco-conscious, the dress is still stylish enough that you can wear it to a gala and not feel like a hippy.

“It’s a precious piece you can wear and cherish and save in your wardrobe. With the Conscious Exclusive Collections, we always try to find a new fabric or new technique. It’s where we try to push the boundaries of what’s possible with sustainable fabrics and show how beautiful the garments can be,” H&M’s creative advisor, told Vogue.com.

The collection will be available at H&M starting April 20. [Vogue]