Of course the country’s most expensive cup of coffee is in Brooklyn

While Harrods is busy stocking up on $60 bottles of water, New York is upping their own expensive-beverage game by supplying caffeine-cravers with $18 cups of coffee.

Alpha Dominche’s newly opened Extraction Lab in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park promises a “new and unparalleled café and teashop experience.”

They’ll be dishing out beverages made in their “Steampunk” coffee machine, a mad-scientist type device which Bedford and Bowery describes as “a cross between a French press and a draft beer tap.” Controlled by an iPad app, the machine is designed to “combine all the elements of drip, French press, and espresso brewing.”

According to Extraction Lab’s website they’re a filter only café and the majority of their offerings will be made to order.

They don’t limit themselves solely to obscenely expensive options though, prices reportedly start at $3, so if you forget your wallet it might not be a complete necessity to offer up your first born. [Bedford and Bowery]