New York City is one of the most expensive places to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Like everything else in New York City, Valentine’s Day here is not cheap. In fact, according to a new report from floral retailer Bloomy Days, it is the third most expensive city in the world to celebrate the holiday.

The site created a “Valentine’s Day Price Index” by comparing the costs of common romantic activities and gifts in different cities around the world. These variables included the price of a dozen red roses, a day at a spa, dinner at a one Michelin-star restaurant with wine, movie tickets with snacks and a night at a luxury hotel.

By those markers, Los Angeles is the most expensive city in the world to have Valentine’s Day (with a total cost of $1,316.26) while Prague is the cheapest (total cost $458.28). New York City came in with a total cost of $1,056.66, but we’re a bit suspicious of the $343.04 average price tag for a luxury hotel in Manhattan. You can barely get a room in a regular hotel for that price!

For more stats and comparisons, check out the full study here.

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