5-star hotel runs out of ideas, introduces “Lego butler” to its service suite

The world’s top hotels face fierce competition from other wondrously luxurious retreats. It’s the engine that keeps the often outrageous offerings at the top of the pile ever evolving. There are hotel’s that will negotiate the purchase of a yacht, plan your wedding, customize your bedding, give you a bath butler, etc. But the most eye-brow-raising amenity to arrive of late has to be the Lego butler

Ashford Castle, a five-star hotel in a lavish 13th-century castle in scenic Western Ireland, has the normal spread of luxury services. But one of them is a definitely unique. We’re talking about the Lego butler.

That’s right, drop in to the Presidential Suite at Ashford Castle for about $1,900 a night and you can have Legos — your favorite toy! — delivered to you on silver trays.

The service appears on a 12-and-under room service menu, so we expect a lot of tech entrepreneurs are going to be very disappointed when they are denied playtime.

Other services offered to the kiddies are personalized storybook for bedtime (in which your children discover they are they leading character), bathrobes and slippers, homemade cookies, video games and movies.