How an UES mommy learned to put down her vodka tonic and light the herb

“My husband and I were aghast at the idea that our very conventional and buttoned-up son was embarking on a career in the marijuana business,” writes Carol Mack, the socialite wife of Earle Mack, a real estate developer, race horse breeder, former ambassador to Finland and all-around friend of the GOP. “Whenever someone asked us what he was doing post-college, we always struggled with an explanation.”

In a recent Town and Country piece, Mack recounts her conversion to marijuana — or perhaps more accurately the “idea” of marijuana.

“I believed that marijuana had become a relic, replaced by craft beer, mixology, and club drugs whose names I didn’t even know,” she writes.

In the piece she recalls the horror of discovering that her son’s Harvard thesis would be about weed. She began talking with friends about the drug and “even more startling, nearly everyone had a personal anecdote.”

The piece is so genuine, naive and written with such upper-class solemnity that it is unintentionally hilarious. But besides the quiet chuckles it produces, the real take away is that everyone in the 10065 smokes.

She recalls discovering her friend’s smoked pot “for serious medical conditions,” and that her fellow mommies hoovered up marijuana gummies at their kids’ sports practices. Best of all, a friend in Aspen told her that “marijuana-infused vaginal cream had become a popular hostess gift!”

Yikes! Of course, we already knew that the super rich smoke loads of pot. Why else would there be weed sommeliers? And now that big corporate money is attached to the drug — the legal marijuana market is projected to be more than $20 billion in 2020 — a bastion of judgmental, rightwing stricture is really embracing pot.

Mack says that while she will “always choose a vodka tonic over marijuana…I have come a long way in my opinion of cannabis.”

So far, in fact, that on a recent trip to Pasadena to see her husband’s race horses, she slipped away to see a doctor about getting a medical marijuana perspiration of her own. [T&C]