Property Brothers promise home theaters, 20-car garages and helipads

The Property Brothers empire just got bigger. Siblings Jonathan and Drew Scott of HGTV fame (Property Brothers and four spinoffs) have partnered yet again on a new project.

After the success of their 2015 launch of Scott Living — a home furnishing and decor line that has hit $100 million in revenue — the contractor and real estate agent have just launched Dream Homes by Scott Living. According to Forbes, the new company offers a portfolio of home designs, each customizable to suit any buyer’s specifications.

“If somebody wants a helipad, a 20-car garage, or a million-dollar theater room—that’s the kind of stuff we do. Nothing is off-limits. Our imagination is as far as we can go.”

The well-heeled were apparently clamoring for the duo to design their homes, but an intense filming schedule meant that the projects were piling up. So they created the new business to bring their high-end homes to wider audience.

So far they have created three different design concepts, including a sleek 10.657-square-foot reverse two-story home and a 6,585-square foot home with angled walls and asymmetric roofs. While the renderings are set in Las Vegas, they can be carried out elsewhere.

“Some people may want to buy the designs and take them somewhere else,” Jonathan explains. “That’s an option as well—people can have their local architect adapt our initial design and build the house anywhere in the world.” [Forbes]