Rare Houdini poster sets auction record in Chicago

Don’t blink! An extremely rare poster depicting escape artist Harry Houdini performing his famous Water Torture Cell escape in 1912 received a record setting price at auction this week.

The poster was printed in London the year Houdini invented the trick. An anonymous bidder participating by phone placed the winning bid of $114,000.00 at Potter & Potter Auctions in Chicago, setting a record for the most expensive magic poster ever sold at public auction, according to Fine Books Magazine.

“Advance buzz for the auction was high, and especially for the Houdini posters,” Gabe Fajuri, President of Potter & Potter said in a statement. “Chatter on social media included considerable speculation about just how high the price would go,” he added. “Several outlets wondered if we’d set a new world record. We’re glad they were right!”

Another Houdini poster printed in 1898, dubbed “Houdini – King of Cards” also sold, fetching $24,000.