Is “Club Kid” Michael Alig back to his old ways?

The most legendary figure of NYC’s  late 80s and early 90s party scene is without a doubt Michael Alig. And now, not long after his release from prison, the party boy looks to up to his old ways.

Alig, the subject of the 2003 film “Party Monster,” served 17 years for the manslaughter of his pal Angel Melendez who he killed in a drug fueled stupor. He was released from prison in 2014.

But last week, Alig was picked up by police in Joyce Kilmer Park near Yankee Stadium at 1:30 a.m. “with a pipe hanging out of his pocket,” according to the New York Post. Police accused him of possessing crystal meth, but Alig claims it was all a big mistake.

Alig says he was walking through the park to get to the train and that the alleged meth he was carrying was in fact a healing crystal called “piedra alumbre.”

He told the Post that “tests prove [his crystal] was of a non-meth variety.”