In honor of today’s snowstorm, the 9 most hygge listings on the market

A snowstorm is raging outside and we know all you want to do is snuggle up by a fireplace and embrace the trendy Danish concept of “hygge” or “coziness.” Well hold onto your knitted socks, because we’ve tracked down the coziest, hygge-est listings that are currently market. Honestly, if we owned them, we’d probably never leave the house.

730 Park Avenue, #1/2A 


Co-op, five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms

This apartment definitely feels like a warm hug from the sweet, wealthy grandmother we never had. Chachkies, floral fabric, and an absurd number of picture frames galore.

29 East 10th Street #PH


Condo; 4,033 square feet; five bedrooms, four + bathrooms

Ok, we’re the first to admit this listing is a little — out there. But come on, can you really think of anything you’d rather do right now than curl up on a sofa of leopard-printed pillows? We didn’t think so.

131 East 66th Street, #67C 


Co-op; three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms

A chintz footrest, a roaring fire, and endless books to read? We surrender to the ultimate hyggeness that is this apartment.

505 West 19th Street, Penthouse West


Condo; 4,664 square feet; four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms

Floor-to-ceiling windows may not be traditionally hygge. But we love the idea of curling up on the sofa with a fire going, while the beautiful snow falls all around you. And we bet you do too.

22 West 120th Street 


Townhouse; 3,037 square feet; six bedrooms, three bathrooms

Again, this townhouse may not be a traditional choice, but it actually has four fireplaces and radiant floors throughout. So your footsies will never feel a chill again (not to mention, look at all those books!).

455 Central Park West, #LM20


Condo; 3,800 square feet; four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms

There is an actual Christmas tree in the listing photo. That is all.

247 Waverly Place


Townhouse; 3,200 square feet; three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms

Imagine the lucky little girl who gets to wake up on a snow day from school in this pink wonderland of a room and play with her Barbie dolls all day.

152 Franklin Street #6


Condo; 3,510 square feet; three bedrooms, three bathrooms

While the furnishings in this place are a little cold, all you’d need to do to hygge-ify this place is swap them out for velvety pieces and a bearskin rug. Suddenly, the apartment has a very Taylor-Swift-baking-cookies-with-her-squad vibe.

47 West 9th Street


Townhouse; 9,200 square feet; six bedrooms, seven + bathrooms

Obviously, we saved the best for last here. This townhouse actually has two fireplaces in one room, which scientifically doubles its cozy factor to a degree we didn’t even think was possible.