Soon you’ll be able to order botox as easily as Chinese food

When it was announced last summer that a luxury apartment building in Los Angeles was set to offer in-house botox injections as one of its many amenities, we were suitably impressed. But for Los Angelenos it simply wasn’t enough.

Enter Dr. David Hopp, who according to Town and Country, is about to launch GoToxNOW, a fleet of smart cars that will deliver botox — and a host of other injectables, from vitamin B to cortisone — on demand.

Just like in his brick-and-mortar establishments, all procedures will be administered by registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants trained by Hopp — or by Hopp himself. The cars will also deliverer the chair back, lighting and post-care ice packs, stem serum, and balm.

Booking fees — via app, text, phone, or online — will set you back anywhere between $49 – $79 (depending on location) in addition to the treatment price.

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