Johnny Depp is reportedly building a series of tunnels to connect five of his homes

Johnny Depp in Mortdecai (credit: Lionsgate)

You would think Johnny Depp would want to improve his image after he was accused of domestic abuse by his ex-wife Amber Heard.

But alas, ever since those allegations, he’s sounding more and more like a bad movie villain. A lawsuit filed earlier this month from his ex-managers let slip that Depp pays huge sums of money for crazy things, including $3 million to shoot Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes out of a cannon and $300,000 a month on wine. And now, it’s come out that Depp is channeling his inner El Chapo, wanting to build a series of underground tunnels to connect five homes he owns in a cul-de-sac in Hollywood Hills.

“He’s been buying them up over the years,” an “insider” told US Weekly about the homes in the cul-de-sac. “He wanted to build a gate to stop the tour buses from coming up there.”

Like any movie villain, there is something preventing Depp from his goal of underground domination. Namely, the owner of the last home in the cul-de-sac, who refuses to sell even though “Johnny has offered him everything.”

Perhaps Depp should save his money for more important things. Like his legal bills. [Us Weekly]


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  • Willy Billy

    I’m not sure what this has to do with the unproven & dismissed allegations by someone who was arrested for domestic violence herself.

    • Layla00

      I know right? Still trying to drag the poor guy.

  • ALittleBitOfSomething

    Depp has always been a private person. With his mom dying, his ex making up disgusting lies, etc, he’s been very much kn the public eye this past year. I would do the same if I were in his shoes!

  • Layla00

    Yeah heard they were for aliens. 🙄 you people will drag his name for a click no matter what the headline. Oh for the record, if I had his money, I would in fact do that lol.

  • Patsy Hug

    I don’t know whether this is true of not. But with the state of our world right now, maybe safety stuff for all his family. At any rate, he once told Orlando Bloom that Privacy comes at a very high price…..not an exact quote but you can find the article.

  • Benedetta

    So he is a bad person because want to build a series of tunnels! Shitty article!