The McDonald’s in Chelsea is kind of fancy and French now

I’m loving it? More like j’adore ça.

A McDonald’s restaurant on Sixth Avenue in Chelsea has been on the receiving end of a fancy French makeover, and is serving freshly baked treats like croissants and chocolatines alongside its more traditional — and far less luxurious — burgers, nuggets and fries, reports the New York Daily News.

Customers can choose from new menu items like a new apple pie with a lattice crust, blueberry muffin toppers, raspberry petite pastries and a cinnamon coffee cake. It’s a nice upgrade from the restaurant’s former offerings of soggy pastries.

The new restaurant, labeled McCafé, is reportedly the first of its kind in the US and features a sleek, minimalist interior with an open counter ordering area, redesigned kitchen and communal seating. Even the exterior has been given a swanky metallic revamp, and the bold golden arches have been muted to a subtle yellow.

It was designed by Patrick Norguet, who also designed the modernized McDonald’s on the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

There will be several more McCafé concepts opening in New York City in the “near future,” a company spokesperson told the Daily News.

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