This company will design a trip for you based on your DNA

Explore and unite with the truth of your origins #becurious #discoveryourroots

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Talk about traveling to find yourself! A new company is offering customers the chance to go on personalized trips based on your DNA.

What does that mean exactly? For $169, the company, DNA Unwrapped, will send you a DNA testing kit that will tell you all the places in the world you are from. After you have all that information, the fun really starts; the company’s tourism arm, Travel Unwrapped, will personalize a trip for you to all of those countries.  This, apparently, “will give you a chance to discover your roots and spread your wings.”

Don’t worry if your ancestors hailed from more unusual countries either; the company seems to thrive on unique trips to out-of-the-way places, like a cruise to the North Pole or a trip to the remote island of Lanzarote off the coast of West Africa.

Is this all a little self-absorbed? Absolutely. But we can see it being a hit among the Instagram generation, who would no doubt tag their photos #discoveringme.