Meow! The luxury animal terminal at JFK is now open

Flying is pretty terrible for humans, but now, thanks to a “luxury” terminal at JFK, it doesn’t have to be for your pets.

Called the “ARK” (tee hee), the brand new, $65 million terminal offers furry friends a place to receive a litany of services before and after takeoff. The first phase of the project opened today, with spaces for pets, horses, livestock and birds to get micro-chipped, receive emergency veterinary care, receive customs clearing and be cleaned.

When we first reported on the Ark opening last year, there were a few other luxury services that were supposed to be offered, like “pawdicures with colored nail pawlish,” massage therapy and a “special space” for penguins to mate privately. Today’s press release from JFK does not mention those fancy extras, but it does say that a veterinary and a grooming facility are part of the second and third phases of the project, so maybe that’s when they’re coming. The terminal is scheduled to be totally finished by the summer.

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