Post divorce, reality star Bethenny Frankel gets her groove back — via real estate

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Reality tv star and creator of the Skinnygirl brand of booze, Bethenny Frankel once famously referred to herself as “the richest homeless person in Manhattan,” while undergoing a tumultuous divorce with spouse Jason Hoppy.

While the public chronicling of the ups and downs of her turbulent life can be head-spinning — marriage, childbirth and more recently, divorce — her interest in real estate has remained a constant. The buying, renovating and selling of property seems to be intertwined with everything she does and continually plays a central role in her life.

When she married Mr. Hoppy (are we the only ones who picture a man in a giant rabbit costume?) the happy couple purchased a $5 million loft in Tribeca and spent an additional $500,000 on renovations. She was forced to leave that home during her divorce and live in hotels and corporate housing. As such, it would appear getting divorced from ones home is just as traumatic as a split with one’s partner. Post-divorce that property was sold in a flash for $6.95 million.

It would appear now Frankel is getting her groove back — at least her real estate one. The WSJ reports she has acquired three new homes in the past four years: a loft in Soho, a house in the Hamptons and a rented Soho apartment she uses as her office.

While she may like her alcohol to be light and less filling, with her homes, her motto seems more like go big and go home. She has spent four months and $400,000 expanding her Bridgehampton house to 3,000 square feet. And what better way to enjoy a (light) cocktail than in her new bar — recently converted from a pool house?

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In addition, she viewed over 100 apartments in Manhattan before settling on her current Soho loft condo, a 2,400-square-foot space she purchased for $4.2 million. More renovations followed: this time to the tune of $400,000. She designed much of her lair herself, including, of course, a closet expansion.

Ever the #girlboss, Frankel wanted a separate office, so she rents an $11,500-per-month two-bedroom on Broome Street. “I wasted so much money living in hotels,” she said of the time she was going through her split. “I wish I had had that office then—I would have moved in there.”

While her real estate life seems to be on track, her more intimate life seems to be ever-dramatic. Hoppy was recently arrested for allegedly harassing and stalking her.

Thankfully her homes seem to be soothing to her. She explained, “I take such pride in where I live.” [WSJ]