432 Park owner with an iPhone lists apartment using DIY photos

All of the renderings released by the developer of 432 Park Avenue show apartments that are impeccably furnished and impossibly sleek.

Well one owner, it seems, has had enough of all that. After almost exactly a year of owning in the building, said owner, Valdom LLC, has decided to try something different and list his or her apartment themselves for nearly $20 million using images that look like they were taken with an iPhone 6. No, we don’t even think they sprung for the 7.

Valdom LLC seems to be controlled by someone named Biana Dudler in Edgewater, NJ, but we can’t find any more information about this person. She (we assume?) bought it for a little more than $16.3 million in February 2016 and according to the listing, she never lived in it (the blurry and empty photos of the space seem to confirm this).

While we’re a bit confused by the DIY quality of these listing photos, we do appreciate the unedited glimpse they give us into the world’s tallest garbage can. If nothing else, it makes the building seem a tiny bit less intimidating.