Shh! Don’t tell Gwen Stefani that billionaire Stephen Schwarzman isn’t turning 16

Trump co-conspirator (sorry, we mean economic advisor) and finance titan, Stephen Schwarzman just had a really really really fun birthday party! Sorry you weren’t invited.

Schwarzman’s Silk Road-themed 70th birthday party at his home in Palm Beach had some 400 guests (how Mrs. Astor!) camels, Mongolian greeters, a custom-built temple and even a performance by Gwen Stefani, according to the New York Post. In all, the affair is said to have cost $10 million.


A guest described the party to the Post as arriving “to a desert scene with camels and Mongolian greeters, and girls in Japanese dress.”

What else you ask? Fireworks. Oh, and a a three-story temple (where dinner was served) with acrobats and Chinese dancers. Not enough temple for you? Good because there was a second temple connect to the first via a tunnel. It was in this second temple that stars from “Jersey Boys” and Stefani performed.

Naturally, the guests were very VIP and included Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, Woody Johnson, John Paulson, Pepe Fanjul, Louis Bacon, Ronald Lauder, Lord Jacob Rothschild, Donatella Versace and Princess Firyal of Jordan.

The orangeman himself couldn’t make it apparently because his “security would have overwhelmed the party.”

“They worked for a year on the party and spent six weeks building a movie set . . . it really was the party of the century,” a source told the Post. [NYP]