Corporate lawyer tries to flip 15 CPW unit for three times what he paid

You don’t get anywhere in life without taking a chance. At least, that’s what corporate lawyer, Gerald E. Ross, seems to think. He just listed a unit he owns at 15 Central Park West for $33 million, after paying a little more than $11 million for it in 2007 under the LLC, Victory East.

That may seem like a bold move, but Ross has had luck flipping units in the building before. The Times reported in December 2015 that Ross sold the unit next door to this one for $35 million, after paying a little more than $16 million for it in 2008.

This 3,478-square-foot unit is in the “house” part of the building, and so only has one neighbor. The unit has five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, 50-feet of Central Park views and of course, access to all of the fancy amenities 15 Central Park West offers (the pool, butler service, spa treatment rooms, etc.). The home has quite a bit of furniture in it, and some personal touches (like food in the kitchen!), so it’s possible Ross actually lived in it and didn’t just think of this place like an investment property.

Of course, the unit was also listed as a $58,000-a-month rental until yesterday, so it could be that food belongs to a former tenant.

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