World’s tiniest sculpture smushed by photographer


“Honey, I shrunk the sculpture!” That’s what we image artist Jonty Hurwitz shouted after completing his first microscopic artwork. Hurwitz developed a high-tech process called “nano-painting” to craft detailed representations of the human form at a scale nearly invisible to the naked eye.

But, of course, creating very very tiny artworks that can sit in the eye of a needle, or on an ant’s head also means that they are incredibly delicate and really really easy to, ya known, crush.

Unfortunately that is exactly what happened when Hurwitz did what any other proud artist would do after completing a piece — hire a photographer to snap some shots. But little did he know, the photographer would smash his beloved work without even noticing.

“I went off to have the original sculpture photographed so I found a laboratory with an electron microscope and the photographic technology,” Hurwitz told the Daily Mail of his piece “Trust” (in retrospect a somewhat ironic title). “The technician went to change the orientation and then for the next half an hour we were looking for the piece through the lens.”

Ruhr Roh!

“Eventually I noticed there was a fingerprint exactly where the sculpture used to be and I was like ‘Man, you have just destroyed one of the smallest art pieces ever made’. I slightly freaked out.”

Let this be a less to artists everywhere making art that’s too small to see: be careful where you put your clumsy paws.

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